A Complete Look At Garcinia Cambogia

100% Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract

Garcinia Cambogia has shot into prominence with Dr.Oz TV show episodes and his invitation to several health experts to discuss their findings about the super fruit. By now you must have come to know that GarciniaCambogi is a fruit which is also known by another name “Tamarind” and the GarciniaCambogi Capsules contain its extracts. People who have used the supplement have experienced dramatic weight loss in a few weeks time without encountering any bad side effects.

History Of Garcinia Cambogia

The humble fruit, Tamarind is harvested widely in southern Asian countries like India and Malaysia and used in a variety of recipes to cook spicy delicious food. The rind of the fruit is peeled, dried and stored for future use in households and were given to women who were obese to reduce weights. Even earlier, people have understood that the fruit contains the properties to burn fats hence have been using it traditionally for centuries.  History also reveals that soldiers engaged in battle were given the tamarind extract to block hunger so that they required less to eat.


Garcinia Cambogia Research 

Research on Garcinia was initiated in the past and regular reports have come up with proof that GarciniaCambogia promotes weight loss. The main compound Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA) present in the fruit is stated to be the catalyst triggering the fat burning phenomenon. When used several women found that they lost more than 3 times of weight compared to other products promoting similar campaign or by exercising and dieting. Garcinia is a natural product which does not need any exercise or dietary regimen to help it to engineer weight loss.

How It Works?

Garcinia is a double action fat burner and it suppress hunger in people who take it thus prevent further formation of fat. By doing this it stimulates the body to eat into fat reserves and convert it into an energy source for the body muscles. The primary reason instrumental in weight increase is the habit of overeating. The body can only consume a certain amount of calories and the excess amount is deposited as fat in the body. This action leads to body gaining more weight and eventually fat. Garcinia with its suppressant qualities blocks hunger and induce people to eat less. With the result of this the body falls short of resources and it fall back on the fat storage it has gained over months and years. When the fat is consumed by the activities of the body it will naturally lose fat and retain muscle without using any special diet or exercise.

Dosage And Results

The Garcinia Cambogia capsules are effective when taken three times a day, half hour to one hour before your meals. However the dosage should be administered only after proper consultation.  You must also ensure that the product you buy from the market is authentic by studying the details displayed on the label. 100% pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract capsules should contain a minimum of 50% HCA and the minimum dosage should be 500mg. The product also should not contain any additives, artificial ingredients or binders. Results for GarciniaCambogia have been amazing and feedbacks on the internet would confirm you that. What makes it a top product is that it loses weight without any side effects, exercises or special diets.