Dr. OZ & His Research On Garcinia Cambogia

Dr. Oz, as you know is famous for his research on GarciniaCambogia and its incredible weight loss properties. Mehmet Cengiz Oz or Dr. Oz is a cardiothoracic surgeon of American origin and a widely popular television personality, author and surgeon. People across the world have seen him on television in popular shows such as the Oprah Winfrey Show, where he made his first appearance and later in the Larry King Live show. He has been involved in food research and is seen on television shows on various health and food related topics.

What Is Garcinia Cambogia?

With his dedicated research he found out that GarciniaCambogia a humble fruit widely used to add the zing factor to various sauces and chutneys in the southern Asian countries is a highly potential fat burner. The properties contained in the fruit are very effective in suppressing hunger in people and engineering weight losses by burning the extra fat. The tamarind fruit has been in use for centuries and was used as a hunger suppressant for warriors engaged in battle. The ripe fruit is harvested and dried in the sun and its rind is removed and stored for domestic use largely in India and Malaysia.  People in these parts of the world are known to use tamarind as a fat burner and the practice is still on in these countries. People here use tamarind as a spice to cook various foods and it greatly increases the taste of foods.


Dr. Oz’s Endorsement

Dr. Oz who is well known in the celebrity has endorsed GarciniaCambogia after thorough study and has advocated its use for weight loss. In a TV show he had also invited a fellow medical practitioner, Dr. Chen, Expert in integrated and internal medicine who also had recommended the fruit extract as a good weight loss agent without side effects. According to them the supplement is great in suppressing hunger in people thus curb the craving to eat more and more. This would result into body taking less amount of food which in turn engineers the disappearance of body fat. Deprived of food your body will start targeting the excessive massed fat to use for energy production and then in the process burn away their extra blob.

Real-time Scientific Research

Tamarind or GarciniaCambogia has been the contention of scientific research for quite some time and scientists have been conducting several studies on its properties and its effects on the human body. The studies were mainly concentrated on the safety of human consumption and have concluded that it is absolutely safe. Research and studies are still going on and several clinical trials had been conducted before declaring the fruit to be safe. The research also found out that Garcinia is one ingredient that has the dual weight loss aspects contained in one which is not common in others.

Natural Product

Dr. Oz further counsels GarciniaCambogia as a natural fat burner that has no confirmed side effects though it is not suitable for pregnant women, diabetic patients, people suffering from Dementia and children. Being natural the product is greatly conducive for consuming it with other weight loss ingredients such as green coffee beans or raspberry.